Apnea Diver 2 is on the App Store!

Apnea Diver 2 is on the App Store!

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Apnea Diver 2 provides you with more enjoyment in the use of our application. We have created new features which will open new possibilities for all Apnea Diver users. In version 2 we have also paid special attention to improving the stability of work, so that more reliable operation is provided. What separates us from other similar apps has also been improved- the AUTO mode: after taking a breath hold time on the stopwatch, the application itself will set all the values in the tables to practice.
Here are the new features in Apnea Diver 2:


Apnea Diver + Polar H7

This brand new feature in version 2 allows you to connect the app with your Polar H7 Heart Rate Sensor via Bluetooth. After connecting you can monitor your heart beat rhythm on the exercise tables. This new feature enables you to monitor your health conditions during exercise. It was created in order to improve safety while using the app. Once again we advise you to carefully read the Instructions before using the exercise tables.


Apnea Diver + Facebook

Another novelty in AD2! We have connected apnea diver with Facebook. Log in with Facebook directly and then from the Log Book share your recorded exercises with your friends! Team spirit is always is always a god way to succeed! Leave your comments and improve your results with other Apnea Diver users on Facebook.


Happy first Apnea Diver birthday!

Apnea Diver has been with you for a whole year and we would like to thank you for your support and trust. Your suggestions have helped us grow and get to where we are now and we promise we will continue to listen to our users and improve very day. We aim to grow along with the freediving community.
Apnea Diver is there for you and you can contact us here for all your questions and suggestions.
Download Apnea Diver 2 from the App Store now!

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